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Rules & Regulation



At Peek-a-boo Café we like to provide to all our customers a safe, healthy, clean, peaceful and enjoyable environment, in order to assure the same, the following rules and regulations must be strictly followed and complied with




Admission tickets are valid for one entre only….no re-entry is allowed
No outside food or beverages of any kind are allowed into the premises
Peek-a-boo café does not provide daycare or supervision of children
A responsible adult (aged 18 or older) must accompany children. It is mandatory that parents/guardians must remain on premises and supervise their child/children at all times.
Parents/guardians are fully and solely responsible for the safety and behavior of their own children
Our staff is not responsible for the safety and/or behavior of any child
No running, rough play, physical contact or confrontation of any kind is allowed in the premises
No physical discipline of any kind, applied to a child is allowed in the premises
No child who shows sign of sickness will be allowed into the premises
As per safety regulations, play areas swinging doors shall remain unblocked at all times, please supervise your children to avoid they do not get hit or harmed by the swinging doors
The use of peek-a-boo café facility is at your own risk             
PEEK-A-BOO CAFÉ shall not be responsible or liable for any injuries resulting from unsafe, inappropriate or aggressive play or use of the equipment and toys or because of not following PEEK-A-BOO CAFÉ’S rules and regulations
PEEK-A-BOO CAFÉ is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damage to personal property brought into the premises
Any damage to peek-a-boo property as a consequence of abusive, negligent or malicious behavior or treatment of equipment or toys, will be charged to the customer
We reserve the right of admission and stay of any customer
Customers who do not strictly follow or comply with our rules and regulations may be asked to leave the premises without any refund whatsoever
In order to assure your and your child/children safety, these premises are being recorded and under surveillance 24/7
No barefoot are allowed at any time
No pets of any kind are allowed into the premises
No chewing gum is allowed in the premises
No strollers are allowed in any play area
No customer or children are allowed in the kitchen area
No soliciting is allowed in the premises
No abusive or inappropriate language or behavior will be allowed in the premises


Play areas:


The open play area is exclusively for children up to 5 years old
Children older than 5 years old are only allowed in the art & craft and wii areas, no exceptions.
No food or drinks are allowed in any of the play areas or art & craft
Shoes are prohibited within the play areas (open play-toddlers area- art & craft)
All guest, at all times, children and adults alike, must wear clean and dry socks inside the play areas. No exceptions (in case of need, socks are available for purchase at front desk)
No toys outside the play areas


Upstairs facility:


No access to the upstairs facilities are allowed at any time, except for scheduled
activities or events
No running up or down the stairs is allowed



…and enjoy it !!!!!

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