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Play Areas



In our playground your children will constantly experience new sensations and skills with our exciting new toys and games, which are specifically designed for motivation, stimulation and growth development.

All toys and games have been built with the latest technology utilizing antibacterial materials. They are frequently rotated and replaced with the objetive to provide a constant new experience to the children.

In order to assure the wellness and safety of our children, the open-play playground is exclusively reserved for children (18 months and older).

Arts & Craft

In our Art & Craft area your children will have the opportunity to freely express themselves, through their painting, coloring, cut and paste, and many other ways of expressing their creativity and motivation.

We provide full time staff, assisting and helping your children, as well as smocks and aprons in order to keep them clean and neat.

Lego Station

In our Lego Station they will be able to create and build according to their imagination and inspiration.

Wii Area

Please come to enjoy the latest Wii games in our state of the art Wii room with big LED TV screens, confortable and fashionable seating for your children, meanwhile you enjoy some of our delicious delicatessen.

Toddler area

Peek-a-Boo Café offers a reserved and safe area for toddlers, where they can freely play with our state of the art soft play toys to incentivate their awareness and censoring in company of their parents.

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